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We Explore Camera Features On The iPhone 4S

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 10:44 BST

It is hard to choose an area that really stands out on the iPhone 4S such is the high quality that the model offers in many departments. If we were pressed however we feel that the device is one of the very best around for capturing photographs and video footage. We explore this aspect of the phone in a little more detail.

The iPhone 4S is hard to beat in terms of still photography. The model boasts two cameras which are ideal for different scenarios. The main camera on the phone is located on the rear of the device and this delivers the ultimate quality with images captured at a very impressive 8 mega pixel resolution. The model also sports a secondary front facing camera which offers a lower VGA resolution but is perfect for self portraits because you can actually see yourself in the main screen in a similar manner to a video call. Not only is the quality very high on this phone but the speed of the camera is one of its most impressive aspects. Thanks to being able to access the feature from the lock screen users can generally capture an image in under two seconds from a locked device. This is superb as it means that you will not waste vital seconds activating the feature when you want to capture the perfect moment. The camera boasts a simple interface which enhances the appeal of the camera and there are minimal tabs and options to clutter the screen. When the phone is held in a horizontal position users can make use of the volume button as a shutter key which makes the device feel like a dedicated digital camera.

Not only does the iPhone 4S offer excellent still camera options but the phone also captures some very high quality video footage. Once again this task can be performed on either of the two lenses that the model sports with the main rear lens offering the best resolution. This delivers video at a standard of 1080 which is also known as Full HD. This is the highest quality currently available and it looks superb when the footage is transferred to a large screen. This is easily done thanks to the wide variety of Smart televisions available and users of Apple TV can also perform this task. The secondary camera records footage at a lower 480P resolution. Video features are easy to access from the still camera feature via a slider at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Stereo sound accompanies the footage thanks to the excellent microphone that the model boasts.

The iPhone 4S is a great handset and anybody using the phone to take photographs or to record video will not be disappointed with the results. Still images offer a wonderful depth with great clarity while video footage looks like it is recorded on an expensive camcorder and not a mobile device.

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