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We Explore Safari Alternatives For The iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 05, 2012 18:16 BST

Thanks to the excellent connectivity options the iPhone 4S is the perfect device for browsing the internet. The phone comes supplied with the Safari web browser, an easy to use piece of software that offers most of the features that the average user requires. There are however some superb alternatives available from the iTunes app store.

In terms of features you will struggle to find a browser for the iPhone 4S with more to offer than Google Chrome. Ever since Google introduced this service in its desktop form the software has proved a huge success with the public and the new 4S application is also very impressive. The service closely replicates the desktop browsing which means that users benefit from great speeds and also excellent tabbed browsing options. The software is also a good option for users who have other Google accounts such as Gmail and Google Plus as it synchronises with both of these. People using Chrome on the 4S and the desktop version benefit from history and bookmarks being shared between the two formats.

Two other iPhone 4S browsers that focus more on speed rather than features are Dolphin and Opera. Many people seem to blame poor connection speeds when browsing is slow but quite often the time delay is the fault of the phone as it attempts to process the data and render it on the relatively small screen of the 4S. Dolphin concentrates on speeding up this process and also features a handy feature named Webzine. This is similar to the Reader mode on the Safari browser and it strips non essential content such as adverts from the page so that it can load at faster speeds. Opera is quoted as being up to six times faster than rival software. This software delivers great speeds thanks to data compression taking place at the server rather than the phone. This means that the device only has to handle a small amount of data and therefore can load and process pages at a very quick speed. Opera is also a great option for users of the phone who have a limited monthly data allowance as it will use much less data than alternative browsers.

Users of the iPhone 4S have a wide selection of browsers available to them and the three we have looked at tend to stand out from the crowd. Chrome is great for users of the desktop version while Dolphin and Opera offer some excellent user speeds.

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