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We Take A Closer Look At Music Magpie For The iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 12, 2012 20:21 BST

The iTunes App Store is the place where users of the iPhone 4S can download a variety of applications for this model. These apps range in their uses from mobile games to productivity software. A new type of app has emerged that helps consumers to sell items using their handset. One of the best apps of this kind is the excellent Music Magpie which we take a look at here.

The purpose of Music Magpie for the iPhone 4S is to give users of the phone the opportunity to sell CD's, DVD's and video games that are no longer required. A number of new services are available to consumers that enable them to listen to music and watch movies by streaming the material, removing the need for physical discs. Also many people now store such material on hard drives, rendering discs practically useless. Music Magpie gives users the opportunity to move on these items on while making some cash at the same time. When we used this service we found that the average price for a CD was around seventy pence while DVD's attracted a little more money. These amounts may sound very small but can soon add up to a reasonable amount once a few items have been sold.

Music Magpie for the iPhone 4S is available free of charge and it is a very neat and well designed applications that is a pleasure to use. The really great aspect of the app is that it uses the primary camera on the phone to help users process their sale quickly and easily. This camera doubles up as a barcode scanner allowing users to quickly process the items that they want to sell. Simply holding the phone over the item will enter it into your basket and also tell you how much the service will offer you for it. It can be time consuming entering dozens of discs so the fact that the app automatically stores your progress means you can return to the order at any time if you do not fancy completing it in one sitting. When the order is complete you will be sent a freepost label so that you can dispatch the items and if you are sending over 50 items then a courier is sent to the address of your choice free of charge. Typically you will receive a cheque within three weeks of dispatching your order.

Music Magpie is a clever and useful application for the iPhone 4S that allows users to sell unwanted items hassle free and quickly. The way that the software uses the camera feature is superb and the well designed interface is a pleasure to use.

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