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We Take A Look At Video Recording On The HTC One X

News   •   May 28, 2012 08:34 BST

The HTC One X has impressed us in nearly every area that we have tested it and this trend continues when taking a look at video recording on the phone. HTC devices have never been fantastic for camera facilities but this new handset breaks that tradition by delivering a superb video capture experience.

There are two video recording options on the new HTC One X. The main lens is located on the rear of the phone and this can deliver 1080P recordings, the highest resolution currently on the market. If you fancy getting yourself in on the action then the secondary front facing lens offers a slightly lower resolution of 720P. Both qualities are classified as high definition at this is evident when viewing back your material. It is not just the resolution that is impressive on this model but also the range of extra features that HTC have included. The slow motion record mode delivers some fantastic results. The model includes an image stabiliser which does a great job of reducing natural hand shake being transferred to your final video. Users are not only restricted to recording in bright conditions as an LED video light is fitted on the phone while sound reproduction is also superb and is recorded in high quality stereo.

The HTC One X is one of the first models to feature a dedicated camera chip and this has some benefits for anybody looking to use the device for video capture. Not only does the chip enable consumers to take photographs while recording footage but also while they are viewing back video clips that they have already stored. The One X includes plenty of features that are not specifically for video recording but that certainly benefit this area. With 32GB of internal storage capacity there should be plenty of space for large collections of video footage but should you find this number a little on the low side a further 32GB can be added with a micro SD card. The phone also sports a very high quality 4.7 inch screen. This is not only perfect for recording but also when reviewing footage and it is also an ideal size for sharing content with friends and family.

The HTC One X is a phone that delivers excellent performance in a number of different areas and video capture can be counted as one of these. The results from both cameras are superb and some useful and innovative feature really do enhance the appeal of this device.

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