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News   •   Jan 25, 2017 10:04 GMT

E-commerce is today a field that applies in a practical way the main disciplines of web development.Design, development and web analytic meet focused solutions for end user customers or B2B. Many entrepreneurs are opting for an online business through an Ecommerce. This happens mainly for two reasons; by the upward sales curve of ecommerce and by the "low investment" involved in launching an online store. If you have ever thought about opening another store, the cheapest investment is an ecommerce website design. There are many options to sell products online; selecting the one that best suits your needs is part of the key to success.

Companies Web Design, a leading web design company London is integral involved from the business model, market approach, to the selection of payment methods, shipping, product options and inventory. We focus on giving results, making sales visits is our priority. For effective result we keep following consideration in ecommerce website design:

  • Usability, is essential, users find the use of the website easy, because in ecommerce users have to interact with it e-commerce website till purchase completed. Any difficulty in the process can cause the user to give up on the process.
  • Marketing, the design must be attractive, presenting the products in a colorful way, without necessarily reaching the bizarre.
  • Trust, the e-commerce website should inspire more confidence to the user than any other website, since an economic transaction will finally take place.

Companies Web Design Company London announces Low Prices starting from £95 for developing your e-commerce project from A to Z: from strategy to technical development. Our team of professionals provides following e-commerce website design services:

  • Consulting in Ecommerce
  • Online sales are not improvised. An effective strategy is necessary in order to make your website a real income generator. Ask us for advice!
  • E-commerce Prestashop
  • We offer different solutions to develop your e-commerce site, either in Open Source or tailor-made. With us you can discover the features of Prestashop.
  • E-commerce Magento
  • Magento has established itself as a high-performance Open Source e-commerce solution. Our developers are therefore certified Magento and develop all the functionalities desired for your online shop.
  • Custom e-commerce
  • For some specific projects, a customized technical solution is required. We can also develop the customized infrastructure of your e-commerce.

Today more and more people use mobile phone and smart phones for online trading, in such scenario it is necessary that your e-commerce website design should be adaptable to all touch screens whether it is a simple desktop, laptop or Smartphone. In our web design company, London, once website created; the site will allow the user to navigate indoors in a standard manner, regardless of the platform it uses. Whether it is via a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet, the interface of the site will adapt according to what the visitor uses, named as "responsive web design".

Our experts also ensure the compatibility and accessibility of your product when creating your e-commerce website. Restrictions on web standards are constantly verified during the design process to make your site accessible to all (people with disabilities, aging populations, users of latest generation devices, etc.). This will helps in increase your business sales.

At Companies Web Design, one of our main niches is the creation of effective and profitable e-commerce websites. For us, a website is not a simple informative tool; it is a revolutionary marketing tool, used proactively and used as a communication tool vis-à-vis your public.

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