What does the future hold for Business Continuity Management professionals?

News   •   Feb 22, 2017 16:43 GMT

With an increasing volume of conversation taking place around the concept of ‘organizational resilience’, business continuity management professionals are taking advantage of this to expand their own remit and improve their career opportunities. These are the findings of a new report published jointly by PwC and the Business Continuity Institute.

The report – What does the future hold of business continuity management professionals? – was the outcome of a survey carried out by the BCI, as well as a breakout session held at the BCI World Conference. The findings showed that nearly two-thirds of respondents (62%) reported that their remit is expanding beyond traditional business continuity management, with over half (53%) noting that they’re working more closely with information security, just less than half (45%) with risk management and 4 out of ten (42%) with IT.

Why is increased collaboration important? The vast majority (90%) agreed that resilience is greater when the management disciplines are more joined up.

The growing interest in resilience is increasing career opportunities for business continuity professionals with more than half (56%) saying it opens up more options. As a result, 6 in ten (60%) want additional qualifications, and over a quarter already have a Masters degree.

Of course there were other insights into the profession that were revealed by the survey. Nearly three-quarters of respondents (72%) were male, and while this may not be an accurate reflection of the industry, it is indicative of a significant gender imbalance.

The report concludes that business continuity management continues to present an interesting and varied career that gives post holders a "spectacular understanding of their organization" and a "brilliant network of contacts within it." These conclusions are consistent with the BCI’s position statement on organizational resilience published in 2016 and is a positive reflection that the business continuity profession is still evolving with the business continuity management discipline itself is a key contributor to a more resilient society.

You can learn more about organizational resilience by taking the BCI's new course - Introduction to Organizational Resilience. This course will provide students with a practical approach to build on the foundation of their existing skills and knowledge in order to develop and enhance the resilience capability within their organizations.