What's New With the Nokia Lumia 1520

News   •   Aug 29, 2013 07:00 BST

Rumors of a new nokia handheld device under the codename: 'Bandit' is finally coming to a stop. It seems that the yet-to-be released windows phone that is infamously talked about is the new Nokia Lumia 1520. One of the key features of this handset is its general distribution release (GDR3) software update. But the most striking thing about the Lumia 1520 is its size. It is a phablet and it has a 1080p display.

The size of this phone is 6 about inches (half a size of a ruler). It is a convenient size that is a hybrid of a phone and a tablet. It is also rumored to have the latest Windows mobile software update on its launch. The debut of this latest upgrade is packaged with this new phablet from Nokia. The software supports a full HD display on a mobile device. It also boasts of supporting quad-core processors for a devices as small as six inches.

The news leak about the Lumia 1520 might come from a notorious social network authority: @evleaks -- from its web reputation, most of its sources are reliable. A tipper pointed out that Evleaks is responsible for tweeting the mentioned features of the phablet. Latest news from @evleaks talked about a model with a unit number RM-940 and is recently Bluetooth certified. From this technology, we can directly assume that the model is equipped with a quad-core processor (Snapdragon 800).

Nokia has a worldwide launching premiere on August 28, and highly anticipated is the official release of this mobile device to the public view. We'll keep you posted if the phablet's would really emerge on the launch date. Nonetheless, if we'd be all surprised that another new handset is officially introduced instead, it is an entirely different but intriguing matter altogether.

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