What’s the differance between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S?

News   •   Jul 12, 2012 13:00 BST

The most anticipated and latest generation of Apple iPhone finally arrived in the mobile market place in 2011. Many iPhone 4 deals and iPhone 4S deals have reviewed these devices positively in regards to its design, performance, features, and screen display technology. All eyes were focused on Apple throughout the year after the successful release of its predecessor, the iPhone 3G. The iPhones 4 and 4S look similar to 3G, except that the former model is lighter and a bit smaller. Apple has stuck with the 3.5 inches Retina display with high quality 640 x 960 resolutions and 326ppi.

The new iPhone 4S deals share the same design and built-quality of the iPhone 4. Both of these mobile phones have flat front and back glass panels matched with a metallic band around the edge. This part of the handset also serves as part of the antenna and is enhanced in the iPhone 4S. These two iPhones come in two different colours such as black and white. Most iPhone 4 deals say that the retina display is extremely sharp and it makes reading even the smallest text on webpages suitably comfortable, which is very true. This would also mean that users are given the privilege to watch videos and other graphic media in the best quality resolution.

There are a lot of iPhone 4S deals and iPhone 4 deals in the market that offer affordable packages considering the fact that these devices are not your ordinary handset. The 4 and 4S are packed with different processors capable of different levels of power. The iPhone 3G’s processor was a smart upgrade but the iPhone 4 took advantage of using latest technologies and Apple integrated it with A4-chip. This processor brings much faster performance and impressive graphic quality for running the 3D gaming apps. Following this, the iPhone 4S deals are packed with the new dual-core A5 chip, making the graphics seven times faster than the latter. In such a case, the apps will be opened and used in the fastest time and the 3D games will run very smoothly without the need to wait for longer periods of hour.

When it comes to data download speeds, the iPhone 4S deals have a speed up to 14.4 Mbps which is a decent upgrade from the approximately 10 Mbps of the iPhone 4. This is perfect for those who always want to update their tracks, playlists, and video files with the latest apps available today. So, the higher the speeds offered on every iPhone means that web browsing and downloading of certain files should be much faster.

As for the camera, one of the major upgrades of the iPhone 4S is this feature. It currently uses an eight-megapixel sensor that is black-illuminated. This makes ideal for shooting in low-light situations and has capability to shoot 1080p video. The customers can find of good iPhone 4S deals today as well as the iPhone 4 deals. Majority of the iPhone deals are also offered online where customers can have easy access to these products.