What Size Screen Will the iPhone 6 Have?

News   •   Dec 30, 2013 07:00 GMT

It's commonly thought that Apple will take something special from the bag next year for the release of the 2014 iPhone system, with many rumours indicating the smartphone will visit a significant overhaul, and the iPhone 6 we've for you today with its 5-inch screen looks great.

Alternatively the Apple brand can be used for many motion settings including the Siri assistant app will be opened up by a simple tap to go home or holding down. A double-tap can be used for multitasking or perhaps a swift swipe across will control the amount of the unit.

The device will be left locked by a tap or the smartphone will be turned by the same action on the other side down, and this really is located in a aluminum unibody cover that's the speakers positioned at the very top and bottom of the phone on the sides.

While there has been several rumours currently surrounding the iPhone 6 launch for 2014, the look as you are able to view with this site is just a concept phone thanks to Italian artist Fabrizio Bianchi. As you can observe we've a 5-inch edge to edge touchscreen display with no actual links.

The iPhone 6 style is guaranteed to possess some requirements included at a later time and there's also a picture of the unit alongside the 4-inch iPhone 5.

Would you such as the look of the iPhone 6 style?