What to Expect in Samsung Galaxy S4?

News   •   Feb 21, 2013 07:00 GMT

Ever since the introduction of the Android based Samsung Galaxy S Series of smart phones, Samsung became a big hit in the smart phone market. In fact, this smart phone bagged the Mobile choice award of 2012 as the Best Smartphone of 2012. It is without a doubt that the Galaxy S3 is one of the best smart phones to date.

Just recently, there are rumours circulating that Samsung will soon introduce Galaxy S4 and while other Samsung Android phones are a real hit in the market, the S4 is expected to surpass and out sell other smart phones.

Samsung confirmed that they are currently developing a smart phone with flexible displays. Rumours has it that they are planning to use this for the Galaxy S4. It will have a flexible display that will make the S4 foldable but will be more durable because it uses a plastic substrate that will be thinner and lighter than those phones that are using LCD technologies.

Just recently, there are S4 photos that has been released and its rumoured specifications include a 2ghz Exynos 5 Octa processor with 4.99 inch HD resolution display of 1920 or even higher, it will also have a 2GB ram and will run on 3100 mAh battery. It will also use an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean though many are hoping that they can see a Key Lime Pie Os in the S4. With these specifications, it will be thinner but with a better efficiency and longer battery life. The S4 speed will be faster and will give consumers better website browsing experience. Surfing and opening other applications like Facebook and other social networking site will take less time. This smart phone will  be equipped with 13Mp camera and a 1080p screen that will give better and clearer pictures and will enable customers to do image and HD video recording simultaneously. It will be touch focus and is said to have a face and smile detection feature too. It is believed to boast of a 4G wifi capability for a more efficient internet browsing experience. The S4 is said to have Bluetooth and an FM radio.

It had been mentioned that the Galaxy S4 will come with the stylus Pen which is the feature of Galaxy note phones but this is yet to be confirmed because as the news have it, Samsung decided not to include the stylus in the S4. There are also talks that the home button will be removed in the S4 but Samsung had decided to keep the home button. They could always remove it when other Galaxy phones are developed.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still have to be released since everyone expects its released date this March, Samsung still have to confirm this news. If the rumour of the release date is true, many people will be looking forward to seeing the S4. No doubt that this will be a hit again in the market just like the Galaxy S3. With the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can expect the best of what technology can bring or look at all of the mobile contract deals on MPC.