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Will the Jura JX10 coffee machine come next to the UK?

News   •   Aug 29, 2019 08:54 BST

Caffia Coffee Group, the leading family-run supplier of commercial bean to cup coffee machines to the UK market, are interested to see details of this new model coffee machine from Jura Elektroapparate AG - a global market leader in touch button professional bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk - that are based in Switzerland.

Known as the Jura X10 in Europe, this bean to cup coffee machine is a larger model of the popular Jura JX8 that has been a winning combination of energy efficiency, excellent milk foam and coffee quality and easy cleaning.

Although not yet in the UK, we speculate that Jura UK may in fact launch this model at some point here for the office coffee service market or cafes, restaurants and self-service applications. 

In any case, we are pleased to bring you a smart video from Jura above showing some of the features and potential of this machine.

Offering enhanced coffee beans storage and swipe/select touch screen over and above the Jura JX8 means that the X10 or Jura JX10 is certainly something to be looked forward to if it comes at some point after Brexit!

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