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Windows Phone-powered HTC One rumours back

News   •   Aug 20, 2013 16:53 BST

Months ago, we heard of HTC planning to make a Windows Phone 8 version of their flagship the HTC One. We thought the rumours died down, but now they’re back. According to a report, the device will sport a 4.7-inch full HD screen, 2GB of RAM, and will be powered by Windows Phone 8 GDR3.

The news comes to us courtesy of Windows Phone Blogging. According to the blog, “Back in June, Neowin reported such a phone might be in the pipeline and said it would have a 4 to 5 in dis­play, Beats Audio and the Win­dows Phone GDR3 update.

“Now, one of my good sources with ties to HTC pro­vided me with some addi­tional informa­tion.

“The device will be released in the October-November time­frame, will sport a 4.7″ Super LCD3 1080p dis­play, 2 GB of mem­ory, 32 GB of stor­age and Win­dows Phone 8 GDR3.

“I wasn’t able to get the proces­sor type for the new flag­ship, which is one of the com­po­nents that will see major ben­e­fits from the OS update, allow­ing the OEM’s to deploy the lat­est chipsets with more power.”

Is HTC planning to launch a Windows Phone 8 version of the HTC One flagship? Let us know what you think through a comment below.

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