Working with Business Processes: Discovery, Assessment, Mapping, Analysis and Design, Alec Sharp, 10-11 October 2013, London

News   •   Aug 26, 2013 11:08 BST

Business processes matter, because business processes are how value is delivered.  Understanding how to work with business processes is now a core skill for business analysts, process and application architects, functional area managers, and even corporate executives. But too often, material on the topic either floats around in generalities and familiar case studies, or descends rapidly into technical details and incomprehensible models. This workshop is different - in a practical way, it shows how to discover and scope a business process, clarify its context, model its workflow with progressive detail, assess it, and transition to the design of a new process by determining, verifying, and documenting its essential characteristics. Everything is backed up with real-world examples, and clear, repeatable guidelines.

Alec Sharp has managed his consulting and education business, Clariteq Systems  Consulting Ltd., for over 30 years. Serving clients from Ireland to India,  and Washington to Wellington, Alec's expertise includes  facilitation, strategy development, data management, business analysis, and  business process improvement. He conducts workshops and conference  presentations on these topics globally, consistently receiving "excellent"  ratings. Alec is the author of the second edition of  "Workflow Modeling" (Artech House, 2008) which is widely used as a university  text and is a best-seller in the field