Xperia Range Boosts Sony's Profits

News   •   Aug 01, 2013 15:26 BST

Up until recently the smartphone industry was dominated by Samsung and Apple with their Galaxy and iPhone brands. With some smart moves from their competitors, the likes of HTC and Nokia have dented the two giant firms' profits, but Sony has forced its way into the market with the latest Xperia range.

With the vast array of Xperias such as the M, L, S, SP, T, V, and Z as well as the ZL and Z Ultra, the brand stretching exercise with the stunning looking phones has really worked. So much so that more than 9.6 million handsets have been moved by the company in the second quarter of 2013, which is definitely going to affect Samsung's 5 million per month they sell from their Galaxy S range. This is a 30% increase for Sony compared to this time last year and is frankly astonishing. With the likes of the Sony BRAVIA engine and fantastic cameras of up to 12.9MP the company has shown the competition that they had better watch out.

The Xperia has taken the award for the most successful handset that Sony has released and is a far cry from the cheap Sony Ericsson phones of yesteryear. Compared to last year's loss, the firm is set to see a $35 million profit since the release of the Sony Xperia Z.

The weak Yen has also helped as it meant that Japan has seen a huge increase in sales for Xperia phones and that foreigners have been snapping up cheaper Japanese versions. With the Xperia Honami coming out nearer Christmas, we can expect greater things from Sony as they venture into what is hopefully an even better year next year. See all of the Sony Xperia range at Mobile Phone Checker and compare the best mobile phone deals too.