Yet More iPhone 5 Deals With the New Mini-iPad Arriving

News   •   Jul 21, 2012 07:00 BST

We’ve been waiting for the new iPhone 5 for seemingly ages, but it’s definitely coming and it will be this year. Chances are it will be the hottest Christmas present on most people’s lists, but it could arrive earlier than that and not just in white and black either there is the new mini iPad arriving too. As people are hunting around for iPhone 5 deals so much at the moment and even in China they are placing early orders we have to wait a little longer but it’s no bad thing. We have the mini iPad arriving at the same time.

The new craze of tablet PCs is becoming stronger and stronger, even more so than laptop sales in terms of growth and in the next 5 years Amazon – which is bringing out four, yes four, new Kindle Fires this year – believes that growth will increase by 100% each year over the same period. So, Apple is launching the mini iPad at the right time and it’s most likely to be a 7” unit. At the moment the iPad 3 is 10” in size and the iPhone 5 deals people are looking for expect a 4-4.5” unit, so a mini version would be right in the middle of those bridging the gap.

There has been a raft of rumours in China surrounding the new iPad but lots of fingers are pointing at a smaller iPad and its most likely to be built in Brazil. The launch date is expected to be the same as the iPhone 5, which is great news for those that need a refresh in the gadget department especially for the Apple faithful. After seeing Google’s Nexus 7 bombard the virtual shelves and sales going through the roof it seems Apple is the company behind the times rather than Google this time.

At 7 inches in length it’s the perfect size for carrying around with you, using with one hand and it will be thin enough to not be bulky. While the iPad 2 or 3 is great for using at the office or at home, the mini iPad will be ideal for those that want to use it in coffee shops, at work, on the fly and on transport. Apple might drop Retina Display for the cheaper and smaller iPad but it will most likely be as powerful as the iPhone 4S, which is no bad thing. Using the older, ageing technology extends the production of products and internals which makes the most of the tooling so this is a high possibility.

Will we see a design change for the iPhone 5 which will separate it from the iPad models? Who knows. We’ve been waiting for something different but with sales so great in the Samsung Galaxy SIII and III camp it seems that sticking to a similar design is the safest option to keep sales going through the roof. If you’re looking for iPhone 5 deals see Mobile Phone for more details.