YouTube Gets Dropped For Hulu For New iPhones

News   •   Aug 20, 2012 13:00 BST

With immediate effect YouTube is being wiped from iPhones and is being replaced by Hulu Plus on Apple’s TV menu. This shock move has been added to the fact that iOS6 will not have the YouTube app for the new iPhone, most likely due to the problems occurring in court with Google and Apple Inc.

The formal announcement shows the door to the world’s largest and most popular video site, and as Netflix was the only other premium service available on Apple TV, Hulu Plus will be a subscription-based service running through Apple’s line-up. At the moment, Hulu is really picking up pace in the online TV industry with a raft of TV shows and full seasons, which are now available on iPhones and iPads.

With such a large change in the line-up for Apple fans, it could not be just a simple one. Instead there will be special offers and freebies designed to make the change over a little smoother. Thanks to Apple’s set-top box sales picking up the purchase of an iPhone could encourage many more devices and gadgets to run along with it – ultimately bolstering Apple’s profits in the long-term. This has been seen with iPod connectors, speakers, as well as many more gadgets that can be used by many of the firm’s units – that is, until the iPhone 5 comes out with a different pin connector that is causing some arguments with current iPhone owners that want to upgrade.

As there are many iPhone 5 deals already out now for the September launch date people are battling with the retailers in trying to get as many gadgets that will work with the iPhone 5 as possible. With the Apple TV set top boxes competing with Boxee Box and Roku adding the set top box as a bundle with the new iPhone might help Apple dominate yet another sector of the electronics market.

Distancing itself from Google and the barrage of patent fights in court, Apple shows Google that it can wipe out a good chunk of web traffic to YouTube by not allowing the app on its phones. This will affect the revenue of the search engine giants as adverts won’t be seen or clicked from the millions of iPhone and iPad owners. It’s not going to make Google bankrupt, obviously, but it will have an effect on the traffic.

In another movement by Apple, which dumped Google Maps earlier this year in favour for its own, it seems that Apple would rather team up with Bing and Windows than be bullied into using the more popular Google apps and programmes. With all three companies wanting to dominate the market and yet would prefer to license certain products out to its competitors Apple and Google’s court cases have pushed the hand towards Apple Inc designing its own apps and competing with Google’s already enormous brand.

With this changes people are still looking at iPhone 5 deals and the spike of sales is imminent in just a few more weeks!