ZTE Just Might Be the First to Offer Snapdragon 800

News   •   Mar 04, 2013 10:17 GMT

Late February, ZTE officially launched its flagship smartphone – the ZTE Grand Memo at MWC Barcelona, Spain. ZTE’s smartphone flagship features a 5.7 inch HD display and has a 1,280 x 720 pixel. The flagship smartphone of ZTE joins in the hype of thin phones as it only measures 0.33 - inch. The ZTE smartphone’s measure vertically is 6.3 inches and 3.25 inches horizontally. It  sports a 5.7 – inch HD display which outshines the Galaxy Note 2.

Along with the above mentioned features, the ZTE Grand Memo also comes in with a “Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor” which for the world of smartphone industry is a powerful unit. However, Qualcomm didn’t confirm that the Grand Memo is not using the processor but in fact using the 600. Qualcom hasn’t made available just yet to companies like the HTC One ad the LG Optimus G Pro that uses the Snapdragon 600.

Checking it further, the handset isn’t working on a Snapdragon 600 processor either. In fact, the ZTE Grand Memo is using the APQ8064 processor which is actually a Snapdragon S4 processor, one that is similar with Nexus 4’s.  Snapdragon 600 on the other hand, is APQ8064T.

With the controversy has been swirling, ZTE had announced that the Grand Memo will be launched in different versions that come with different processors. This means that Snapdragon 800 processors might really be available on some models reclaiming its supposed title as the first to use the top mobile processor by Qualcomm.

Another flaw that was seen with the ZTE spec sheet was the handset’s RAM. According to their press release, the Grand Memo has a 2 GB RAM when actually the device has only 1 GB listed on its spec sheet.

Other features expected from the ZTE Grand Memo include an Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean, a 16 GB memory, 1 GB RAM, Dolby Digital technology. The Grand Memo also features a 13 – megapixel camera on its rear part that can take a 1080p video with photo functions such as geotagging ad time lapse. In addition to image features, the flagship smartphone of ZTE also has a 1megapixel camera on its front area.

ZTE is slated to release the Grand Memo in China this month, while the release of the smartphone will hit the European markets on the second quarter of the year. With the European release anticipated to occur at a later date, ZTE still has plenty of time to prevent the occurrence of the same press disasters in the near future. 

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