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​Claim Check-up: Nimirum launches first digital tool // The knowledge service specialist digitises cultural check of advertising slogans and claims

Press Release   •   Jun 09, 2017 08:47 BST

The GCC platform by Nimirum, knowledge service provider (beta) helps to globally check claims online

Leipzig/Bristol, 30/5/2017: Nimirum, the independent, international knowledge service provider initiated a new online tool for global checks of advertising slogans on 1 June 2017. Thus, the cultural and linguistic expertise of regional researchers from about 50 countries will now be available to clients for digital checks. Nimirum’s Global Claim Check (GCC) is currently being tested by clients in the beta version and the launch of the ultimate version is anticipated for mid-June.

“We are very proud of our first digital baby”, says Anja Mutschler, Managing Director of Nimirum. “By offering this, we are reacting to the needs of agencies, to have the ability to check on their ideas as early as the creative stage, without incurring excessive costs.” The GCC is available in two variants.

  • Sort: identifies “no-go’s” among a maximum of ten slogan or tagline concepts, to ensure that pitfalls are avoided early on
  • Verify: subjects one claim to a very thorough check in terms of its cultural context

The costs do not differ – a global check cost less than 10,000 euros net. Clients can opt for the investigation to focus on individual countries or continents – with the costs per country ranging from 150 to 230 euros net.

“Nimirum stands for quality and independence”, emphasises Dr Christophe Fricker, Managing Director of Nimirum in Bristol, UK. “The Global Claim Check combines the advantages of our intercultural expertise and digital workflows”, Dr Fricker continues. The service is aimed primarily at communications and advertising agencies operating internationally. The managing partners explain and illustrate how the tool works every Tuesday at 09.30 a.m. (please register here).

According to a frequently cited definition, culture is “the way we do things here”. For over six years, leading marketing agencies and companies have been receiving sound, substantiated and precisely tailored insights into what constitutes the individual “here” of their local target groups.

Nimirum is a knowledge service specialist that provides clients in the communications industry and beyond with dossiers and reports on markets, consumers and trends. Nimirum was founded in 2010. Operating from Leipzig, Germany and Bristol, UK, the firm deploys 400 experts who supply clients with their expertise in industries, languages and cultures. The service is fast, thorough and comes with relevant recommendations for action. For more information, please go to

Nimirum delivers tailored research results to clients in the communications industry and beyond. Topics of research include markets, consumer behaviour, and trends in 65 countries worldwide. Experts on industries, languages, and cultures are present and working for Nimirum in all these markets. Nimirum reports are used as the basis for marketing campaigns, for business strategy decisions, and a broad range of other purposes. Through its researchers, Nimirum possesses a unique profile combining sophisticated scientific methods and unique insights into the needs of communication and business professionals. Nimirum was founded, and is chaired, by Anja Mutschler and Dr Christophe Fricker. It is based out of Leipzig (Germany) and Bristol (UK).

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