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Increased focus on traffic development

News   •   Jan 28, 2016 07:51 GMT

After seven months as Vice President of Traffic development at Avinor, Jasper Spruit sees a need to strengthen the group’s department.

 “Our job is to develop routes throughout Norway, and we need to strengthen our team in order to bolster and develop the already good route network to all the country's airports. For that reason, we are now appointing Majid Khan in the role of Senior Director of Traffic Development in Norway and Silke Salbert as Manager of Aviation Marketing,” says Jasper Spruit, Vice President of Traffic Development.

The department is located at Oslo Airport and its main task is route development to and from Norwegian airports. This entails maintaining the good route network that exists in Norway, and, not least, opening new routes to enable Oslo Airport to achieve its goal of becoming a preferred hub for Scandinavian aviation.

Route developer from Copenhagen Airport

To succeed to an even greater extent than in the past, a decision was made to add two new full-time senior-level positions. Khan was brought in from Copenhagen Airport (CPH), where he was Senior Route Development Manager, while Salbert comes from Mondi Consumer Packaging, where she held a senior sales and marketing position.

“Khan has played a key role in opening routes to Kastrup and will spend much of his time in Avinor on attracting new routes to Norway in general and Oslo Airport in particular. With the development in Norwegian aviation, and with the ongoing expansion projects at Oslo Airport and Bergen Airport Flesland, our main task will be to fill the airports with passengers. With this appointment we are confident that our team will be complete and that we will be able to perform our job in the best way possible,” says Spruit.

Khan looks forward to working at Avinor and finds the competition in the Nordic market motivating.

“There is strong competition in the Nordic region to become the preferred airport for international routes and I'm looking forward to helping us reach this position,” says Khan.

Salbert’s main focus will be sales and marketing in the business market.

Salbert will take up her position on 1 February, while Khan begins 1 March. Both will work at Oslo Airport, but, like the rest of the department, will work for the entire group.

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