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Meet Felix & Fiona

News   •   Jul 03, 2014 08:43 BST

The travel-happy duo Felix & Fiona is Oslo Airport's new concept designed to show children and parents the way to services and facilities at the airport. “It’s an important step towards a more child-friendly airport,” says Knut Holen, director of terminal operations.

Easy-to-find security track for families
The concept aims to make information, services and facilities for children and parents easier to access and recognise.

Among other things, the popular family track at the security check will be easier to spot with footprints on the floor and colours and shapes that show kids the way.

“The family track has been very popular since we introduced it last summer and now we want to make it more visible as a central and important component of a more coherent and visible travel guide concept for children,” says Holen. 

Felix & Fiona at cafes, restaurants and baby care rooms
The popular play area planes will be redone in new colours and Felix & Fiona will be easy to spot in cafes, restaurants and baby care rooms.

“Children and families are an important target group and we want to make them feel welcome and included. Now it will be even easier to identify child and family-friendly services and facilities here at the airport,” says Holen. 

Felix & Fiona online
Felix & Fiona are designed to guide children through their journey, starting online. All relevant information for children and families will be readily available on, featuring the same visual profile they will see at the airport.

“The goal is to make travel as easy as possible for families with children. There’s already enough to think about when you’re travelling as a family, so it's our job to do our best to make this happen. More is in store if we succeed,” says Holen.

While he doesn’t want to reveal what the airport’s basket of future services and facilities for families with children might contain, he promises an organisation that is committed to their development.

“The project team is already back at the drawing board. We want to evolve and we want to gather and create even more options for such an important target group, but what it specifically will consist of we can’t say just yet,” says Holen in closing.

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