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Oslo Airport will introduce the use of particle detectors at security checkpoints starting 1 September

News   •   Aug 25, 2015 14:41 BST

Oslo Airport will now implement a new part of EU security regulations. Random hand searches of passengers will be replaced by checks using particle detectors - Explosives Trace Detectors (ETD).

“We are absolutely confident that passengers at Oslo Airport will see this as a positive change, since a check using a particle detector provides a faster and better experience for passengers. At the same time, security will be better safeguarded,” says Para Paranthaman at Oslo Airport.
The detector searches for particles indicating the presence of explosive-like substances.

Gradual introduction
Starting 1 September at the largest airports, a percentage of passengers will be checked using the detectors, based on a random sample. Because Avinor's 46 airports have slightly different ETD equipment, the implementation order will vary somewhat.

Experiences from test periods at Oslo Airport and tests from abroad suggest that passengers prefer this method over options such as hand searches.

Security regulations are constantly evolving, and the changes are implemented to ensure aviation safety.

Questions related to the EU regulations and the introduction of it in Norway may be directed to Civil Aviation Authority - Norway.

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