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Road extension that will serve new arrivals and departures hall opens

News   •   Aug 27, 2015 12:00 BST

The extension of the new road system was opened Wednesday the 25th of August outside the terminal at Oslo Airport. The road is built on a new bridge and runs past the train station and the new arrivals and departures hall currently under construction. The extension of the road system is part of the "new" Oslo Airport project scheduled for completion in April 2017.

 One of Norway’s longest bridges and construction of airport park
The new bridge, including the traffic forecourt, is 450 metres long and has taken 16 months to build. With the extension, it becomes one of the longest bridges in Norway. The project also consists of the extension of the road in front of the arrivals hall, building of ramps and construction of a separate park area for visitors. The facilities, including the park, will be completed in autumn 2016.

Good cooperation between public actors
Because work on the new bridge took place in close proximity with other construction activity, thorough coordination of the various contracts has been vital for both safety and progress.

“Good cooperation has been important for finding sound solutions together to achieve success in this project, which has now reached an important milestone,” says OST T2 Project Manager Tone Westby and Veidekke Project Manager Knut Lauvålien.

“In its work on the road in front of the terminal and the new bridge, Veidekke has had a strong focus on safety, health and the working environment through all processes in the work chain. As a result, the work has been carried out without absence due to injuries so far. We would also like to commend Veidekke for the skilled professionals it has on its team and the quality of their workmanship,” continues Westby. “It's a challenge to build a bridge and road concurrently with an airport operating at full capacity, with minimal opportunities for closure. Through their adaptability and solution-oriented way of working, Veidekke reduced these challenges significantly.”

Completed with no absence due to injuries
Knut Lauvålien of Veidekke is also impressed by the cooperation between the stakeholders involved in the project.

“Our biggest challenge has been the complexity and coordination of concrete work and technical installations with regard to time and progress. Through good cooperation with Oslo Airport's development organisation and the designers, issues were quickly resolved and workable solutions were found. We are also particularly pleased that the project/contract has been completed without any lost time injuries. We believe this is a result of a strong focus in both Oslo Airport and Veidekke and good cooperation between us.”

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