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The autumn school holiday is finally here

News   •   Sep 29, 2014 13:24 BST

The days prior to Norway’s autumn break weeks are among the year’s busiest at Oslo Airport. We know that when upwards of 94,000 travellers descend on the airport, it can sometimes seem crowded here, but we who work here are well prepared and ready to accommodate you. 

You can use Oslo Airport's app or our website to prepare yourself and find information in advance of your trip. The app will show you where you can find vacant parking and public transport options, and you can receive updates related to your flight, check the waiting time in the security check and see the overview map of the terminal.

To avoid a stressful start to your holiday, we recommend that you plan the time from when you walk out your door until you are in your seat on the plane. The time it takes to check-in and go through security varies from day to day and it is important to remember that the gates close well before the scheduled departure time.

“We ask passengers to consult their airline for information and recommendations concerning pre-flight arrival and check-in times,” says Joachim Westher Andersen, media manager and press spokesman at Oslo Airport.

Faster check-in 
One way of speeding up the check-in process is to use the self-service bag drop. You can scan the baggage tag at the kiosk and send your baggage yourself. Remember that baggage must weigh less than 20 kg and special baggage must be brought to the oversize baggage counter.

“In addition, it is a great help to everyone if you come prepared to the security check. This will cut down on the waiting time for everyone. Remove belts and scarves and put your keys, mobile phone, wallet and other valuables and breakable objects in the pockets of your jacket or in your hand luggage. Also remove your laptop or tablet from your bag before reaching the front of the queue, and place it in a separate screening tray,” encourages Andersen.

Services at the airportMany people like to have plenty of time at the airport and Oslo Airport has no shortage of cafes, restaurants and shops to enjoy before your plane departs. If you have forgotten something important for your holiday trip, chances are you'll find it at Oslo Airport.

It's always handy to have local currency, and after clearing the security check, you can take out cash at DNB's branch or at one of the many ATMs in the terminal.

Access to the Internet is a must in our digital age. Oslo Airport gives you two hours of free wireless Internet so you can read the news and check your Facebook before departure. We have also installed more than 600 new outlets in the passenger areas this year so that all travellers can charge their mobile phone, tablets and PCs.

If you are looking for a particular shop, café, restaurant or gate, stop by the information kiosks located around the terminal. Here you can easily call up maps with information on where to go and, not least, how long it is expected to take you to get to your gate. You can also find information about the distance to the closest restroom, shops and restaurants, and other services and facilities in the terminal.

At your serviceOslo Airport’s Passenger Service department works around the clock to help travellers. They can be contacted on phone number 06 400 if you have questions.

If you need help at Oslo Airport, you can also ask our airport helpers about anything and everything. Just look for the people walking around the terminal in purple T-shirts with a big “I” on the back.

“If you contact us, you will get an answer. That’s why the job Passenger Service does around the clock is incredibly important. They know about everything from nearby hotels to baggage rules,” says Andersen.

You can also visit Oslo Airport on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information or to post questions that do not require an answer right away. 

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