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Winter holidays approaching

News   •   Feb 15, 2017 12:02 GMT

Winter holidays is Norway is fast approaching (Photo: Avinor Oslo airport)

For the next two weeks, many people will be off on their winter holidays – some of them by air. Here are some handy tips if you are travelling by plane over the next few days. 

“We generally find that there is slightly more baggage, mostly ski equipment, over the winter holidays,” says head of communications at Oslo Airport, Joachim Westher Andersen.

Ski equipment should be shipped as special baggage, and most companies will charge extra for shipping such equipment as part of the baggage. Andersen recommends allowing a little more time than usual.

“We recommend planning for some additional time from leaving the house up until the plane is due to take off, in case there are delays in public transport or out on the roads,” Andersen says.

“Make sure you have enough time to check in, including special baggage if relevant for you, and to get through security as well as actually walking to the gate. If you are travelling to non-Schengen countries, it's also a good idea to account for some extra time at the passport control,” Andersen adds.

“We have opened several new shops and restaurants over the past few weeks, so we recommend saving a little time for a snack and some shopping, too.”

If you are utilising the airport’s self-service points and checking your baggage yourself, please ensure that long straps and loops are fastened so that they do not get stuck on the baggage belt. This is particularly relevant for rucksacks and bags. If you are not sure if your baggage is properly packed, please contact nearby staff.

Switch off the auto-pilot
The official opening of the new Oslo Airport is approaching, but most of the passenger areas are already in trial operation. One new thing is that passengers travelling with Norwegian, Brussels Airlines, Finnair, British Airways and Air Baltic should now check in in the new section of the departure hall, which also contains a brand new security control with 11 new exits. There are also some changes in the locations of check-in points for the airlines in the “old” section of the departure hall, so be sure to pay attention.

“We encourage all travellers to switch off their auto-pilot and pay attention to the signs,” Andersen advises.

“We have nearly doubled in size, and there are several new elements to be aware of inside the airport. There are some temporary walkways due to the construction of new shops and restaurants, and this will be the case up until the official opening on 27 April and for the rest of 2017. We thank all passengers for their patience and hope they are excited about all the new facilities opening this year,” Andersen says.

Family track now open
If you are travelling with children, you can now enjoy the Felix & Fiona family track.

“The family track is a popular option – it can be used by anyone travelling with children under 12 years of age,” Andersen explains.

You can find more tips and advice for travelling with children at

24-hour customer service
If you have any questions regarding your visit to Oslo Airport, our passenger service is available around the clock. Do not hesitate to send us a message on Facebook if there is something you would like to ask us.

Expected winter holiday numbers
Below is an overview of expected traffic numbers for Oslo Airport over the winter holidays – departures and arrivals.

Wednesday 15 February: 67,883
Thursday 16 February: 77,577
Friday 17 February: 81,857
Saturday 18 February: 44,305
Sunday 19 February: 75,849
Monday 20 February: 70,075
Tuesday 21 February: 59,826
Wednesday 22 February: 64,569
Thursday 23 February: 69,535
Friday 24 February: 74,217
Saturday 25 February: 43,660
Sunday 26 February: 83,158
Monday 27 February: 77,552

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