Plantagon congratulate the winner of the Globe Sustainability Innovation Award 2010

Press Release  •  Apr 08, 2010 19:18 BST

The winner of Globe Sustainability Innovation Award 2010

The winner of the Globe Sustainability Innovation Award 2010 is MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka.  The jury of Globe Award’s Sustainability Innovation chaired by Philip DesAutels, Manager of Academic Evangelism Microsoft and researcher at Bentley University selected MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd to be a winner and motivated their decision with these words:

"We are delighted to select MAS Intimates Thurulie as this year’s winner of the Globe Award for Sustainable Innovation. MAS Intimates is the world's first purpose-built eco-manufacturing plant for apparel. The creation of this facility in the highly competitive clothing industry stands out as a prime example of sustainable innovation, and serves as a model for the convergence of sustainable development and successful business. The project exemplifies the potential of the triple-bottom-line perspective to move business beyond an exclusive focus on profit, to deliver wider value to people and the planet. The MAS Intimates facility demonstrates that novel design can be used to reduce the ecological impacts of production while enhancing value to the community. Furthermore, as Marks and Spencer’s sustainable manufacturing prototype, the initiative will impact production and supply chains around the world. MAS Intimates Thurulie stands out as a principled approach to sustainable development and as a true innovation generating profit and value for people and planet."   About MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka: “MAS Intimates Thurulie is the world's first purpose-built eco-manufacturing plant for apparel. The company acclaimed sustainability plan. Transforming the supply chain towards sustainability was one of its targets. Marks & Spencer teamed with MAS Intimates to design and construct a model green factory for apparel as part of Plan A. As a model, it was intended to demonstrate feasibility and technology as well as inspire other manufacturers to follow suit.” 

 Please see the attached press release and go to for more information. The Globe Award gala dinner with the ceremony will take place at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm on the 29th of April 2010 in connection to the Globe Forum business sustainability conference on the 28-29th of April in Stockholm.

Plantagon - Moving Capitalism to a Seven Generation Perspective

PLANTAGON´s mission is Functional and ecological food directly to western consumers or starving citizens of the third world.  To bring this about we will introduce the Plantagon® greenhouse that will dramatically change the way we produce ecological and functional food. It allows us to produce ecological with clean air and water inside urban environments, even major cities, cutting costs and environmental damage by eliminating transportation and deliver directly to consumers. This is due to the efficiency and productivity of the Plantagon® greenhouse which makes it economically possible to finance each greenhouse from its own sales.

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