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Press Release  •  Apr 07, 2010 18:43 BST

SWECORP and Onondaga Nation Team Up

Plantagon is a new and modern kind of company with maximum competitiveness, building on good corporate citizenship, transparency and democratic values. The uniqueness of the company lies in a cooperation between a traditional nature based system and a production and profit orientated culture. Plantagon is owned by Swedish consulting company SWECORP Citizenship AB together with the Native Americans in Onondaga Nation.

The Onondaga Nation is represented by Chief Oren Lyons who is the Chairman of Plantagon and one of the North American Indians’ most influential leaders. Lyons is a highly sought-after advisor in the areas of environmental conservation and human rights, and long served as an advisor and inspirational speaker to multinational corporations, governments and the United Nations. The CEO of Plantagon is Hans Hassle, a Swedish entrepreneur, focused on social entrepreneurship.

”We see this as a clear possibility to contribute to a positive paradigm shift in the way business in the world can be made today. Truly, we need to meet the challenge not only on how to make business, but indeed why we make business. Plantagon combines indigenous values with the western concept of business and jointly offer a solution more sustainable, equitable and suitable for the 21st century and beyond”, says CEO Hans Hassle when asked on why he and Mr. Lyons decided to form a joint venture.

The first product that Plantagon has on the market is the award-winning Plantagon Greenhouse. It is quite a simple innovation that could change the way the world produce ecological and functional food. The greenhouses allow us to produce ecological grains and plants inside urban environments. It is made to fit into major cities with it’s spherical form. The best part is that it cuts costs and environmental damage by eliminating transportation and deliver directly to consumers.

Plantagon - Moving Capitalism to a Seven Generation Perspective

PLANTAGON´s mission is Functional and ecological food directly to western consumers or starving citizens of the third world.  To bring this about we will introduce the Plantagon® greenhouse that will dramatically change the way we produce ecological and functional food. It allows us to produce ecological with clean air and water inside urban environments, even major cities, cutting costs and environmental damage by eliminating transportation and deliver directly to consumers. This is due to the efficiency and productivity of the Plantagon® greenhouse which makes it economically possible to finance each greenhouse from its own sales.

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