1066 Self Build Group can end your Search History for Land

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2011 12:57 GMT

The Rampartners are a collaborative self build group, with a plot opposite the ruins of Hastings castle on top of the West Hill, for which there is full planning permission to build seven ‘eco’ houses. From many points of view, they are coming from a good place.


The Rampartners are looking for additional members to their group. There are four house plots available from a total of seven. Members that have already reserved the other three plots look forward to meeting their yet unknown neighbours.


On a site steeped in history, and with spectacular sea views, the Ramparts project has a vision that aspires to ‘One Planet Living’. The ethos of zero waste and zero carbon permeates the project and some examples of this are the orientation towards south, renewable energy generation on site and use of long life cycle materials. Neil Brown, one of the founder members explained the rationale thus: ‘In embracing these cleaner technologies, we are reducing long term costs, future proofing ourselves and facing up to our responsibilities to the next generations.’


Their dream is to put together beautifully designed, smart houses that don’t cost the earth. There is no mark up or profit added on to the subcontracts, which will result in end costs about a third less than market price. The solar energy and hot water and the Quiet Revolution wind turbine will also provide for generous annual incomes to householders from government and power company incentives.


The site preparation has already begun, with a lot of the enabling groundwork and foundations completed and approved. As all preliminaries and site logistics are in place the collective enterprise is ready to go, once the group is complete.


Mr Brown added that ‘if you like the sound of this opportunity and a ‘New Way of Living’, please email me at neil@ramp101.co.uk or phone me on 07790131797.  We are also organising monthly meetings, so it would also be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word within your circle, and help to realise this collective vision.’


The project website is www.ramp101.co.uk   All the properties have 4 bedrooms, but adaptable internal layouts make them suitable for sharing and co-ownership too. The prospect of aligning with others for mutual benefits clearly appeals to this group. They are trusting that whoever joins, on a first come, first served basis, will be right for the group. Their spokesperson, Mr Brown gave this invitation.   ‘We look forward to welcoming you here. Come on a site visit! Allow the special ambience of this ancient haven guide you home to your own castle, Secure your place in history today. Together, dreams do come true.’

Rampartners are a group of  self builders, collaborating to build on the Ramparts plot at Hastings.