19th century flowers flourish in Martin Bergström's new collection for Photowall

Press release   •   Mar 15, 2018 09:00 GMT

We are proud to announce our first wallpaper collection in collaboration with Martin Bergström. The Flora Hysterica wallpaper collection contains five wallpaper patterns all borne out of the thousands of preserved plants in Martin Bergström’s herbarium.

By the age of three, Martin Bergström already knew the definitive book on Nordic flora, Den Nordiska Floran, inside and out, and his fascination with flowers has only increased since. Over the years, his intense interest in flora has manifested into a collection of preserved plants that is constantly growing. Recently, it has come to include over 1000 flowers, with the oldest flower originating from the early 19th century.

“Flowers have always been a recurring motif in my creations, and I'm thrilled that this has now resulted in a wallpaper collection with Photowall. A flower picked roughly 200 years ago becomes like a time capsule pressed between the sheets of paper. I see this wallpaper collection as an opportunity for one small flower to bloom yet again and continue its timeline,” says Martin Bergström.

The design process for the Flora Hysterica collection involved scanning select flowers using microtechnology to capture every detail of each flower into the wallpaper pattern. The scanned image was then integrated onto a coloured background and finally developed using mixing techniques and colour layers to achieve the right structure and shade. One wallpaper pattern can include up to 20 colour layers.

Martin Bergström integrated flora into all the wallpaper patterns in a natural way yet retained much drama in the process, which clearly showcases the artistry behind the collection and makes Flora Hysterica a perfect fit for every room.

“The collection oozes freedom, which when combined with Photowall’s technology, makes it possible to combine varying pattern dimensions seamlessly to fit every wall of the room. I want to give people the opportunity to create their own little world in their home – a life filled with decoration in a space for reflection and daydreaming,” says Martin Bergström.

“When I met Martin Bergström last year and he told me the story of his herbarium, it seemed only natural to create these unique wallpapers together. It felt like an opportunity and something we simply had to do. Martin is incredibly creative, and I had a lot of fun and gained loads of inspiration working with him on this,” concludes Amber Johnson, Photowall’s Product and Design Manager.

The Flora Hysterica is available exclusively from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £29 per square metre. The interior photos are styled by Martin Bergström and shot by Thomas Klementsson.

About Martin Bergström

Like traditional fairytales, ominous story lines collide with delicious illusions in the work of Martin Bergström. Educated in Stockholm and Berlin, his MA in textiles has turned his compass towards fashion, but his first love has always been fiction – bringing mesmerizing stories to life through creative direction, set design, costume and illustration.

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