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1st Line Global: The Power of Networking

Press release   •   Mar 14, 2018 11:07 GMT

1st Line Global is Florida’s most successful sales and marketing firm, as such are eager to provide their contractors with the skills and qualities to develop into successful entrepreneurs. As such, an aspiring entrepreneur with the firm has released a statement on the power of networking, exploring how 1st Line Global develops such essential skills.

1st Line Global: About the firm.

“The flow of business ventures is determined by successful relationships forged by the power of networking. Establishing networking relationships will grant individuals with valuable information that will lead them on the road to success.

The purpose of networking is to build relationships with individuals occupying positions in the company where you envision yourself—thereby asking strategic questions and applying their advice in the office and direct marketing practices. As a result, those you network with, which can catapult projected success into reality immensely facilitate achieving your goals.

Networking from within the office is a notable means of utilizing your resources, however, acquiring mentors from other offices will elevate your learning process from diverse viewpoints.

Office leaders possess an “open-door” policy where individuals are encouraged to speak with them to discuss goals, mastering their craft, or hardships that may pose a hindrance on attaining their ambitions.

At 1st Line Global, it is often heard that “your network determines your net worth.” This is regarding the most substantial foundation of your network: The Power of 6. The combination of salaries of the top six people you frequently network with, divided by six, will determine your supposed earnings in present time.

Networking begins with taking control and introducing yourself to the said individual or calling them consistently to express interest in exercising the productive use of their time. In building the relationship, it is essential to be humble when asking for pointers, being honest with your faults, and maintaining a student-mentality throughout the process.

An active facet of one’s progression involves seeking advice from mentors who aid in successfully understanding the business aspect of the office and direct marketing strategies. Most importantly, networking is beneficial in familiarizing oneself with like-minded people who share similar goals and presents the opportunity to fortify your position as an individual in the business.” - Tapkannia Koeun

1st Line Global is continually developing their in-house business development program based on feedback from contractors. The company firmly believes that shaping future leaders of the industry is their responsibility, providing individuals with the knowledge to help develop the sales and marketing sector, the skills of networking being one aspect.


CEO: Jaemes Hunt

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