Mecel AB

30 years of being in the forefront of technology

Press release   •   Dec 12, 2012 09:43 GMT

Systems and software development company Mecel, is celebrating thirty years of business in the automotive industry. Starting as a local partner with engine management systems in 1982, Mecel has continued to explore and implement cutting edge technology within automotive, now being an international player specializing in in-vehicle communication technologies, user interface development and consumer device interaction.

The Mecel as we know of today is a systems and software house with extensive experience from the automotive industry. Providing not only engineering services, Mecel also offers a suite of product solutions targeting AUTOSAR- (Picea), Bluetooth Connectivity- (Betula) and HMI development (Populus). With clients from every corner of the world Mecel has evolved from being a small local partner situated in Åmål Sweden, into being a true international player with offices in Gothenburg Sweden and Bangalore India.

Ready-to-go expertise: Picea, Betula & Populus
“In creating the product portfolio, which was launched in 2008, we basically wanted to make our specialized offering stand out and be made more available for our clients,” says Henrik Häggström Managing Director Mecel, “Years of experience and research and development has generated in depth knowledge in certain areas, and therefore it was important to us to somehow take it to the next level. The result was the birth of Picea, Betula and Populus, where Picea is equivalent to AUTOSAR development, Betula to Bluetooth connectivity and Populus to HMI”.

In 2012 Mecel has continued to deliver these software products and engineering services to programs where of several have started production. Fully reconfigurable clusters and entertainment head units are only a few examples developed and powered by Mecel.

Providing competitive edge for clients around the world
Mecel opened up the office in Bangalore, the hub of software services to many multi-national companies, in 2010. Thomson Christopher, General Manager Mecel Bangalore explains, “It was a strategic move for Mecel to start up business in India and after several years of deliberation, it was finally possible. Operations here now include software development in the areas of AUTOSAR and Bluetooth. With capabilities in these areas increasing steeply day after day, we are getting ready to provide complete end-to-end AUTOSAR solutions to clients around the world beginning 2013.”

Mecel’s ambition lives on
During the thirty years that Mecel has been active in the automotive industry the company has worked with virtually all aspects of distributed systems; low-speed body/comfort systems, high-speed fiber optics-based systems, embedded platform functions invisible to the user and high-end infotainment functions with intense user interaction and local wireless communication via Bluetooth and off-board telematics services. “It’s fascinating looking back at the journey our company has made. Even if none of the Mecel founders are active in the company today, the ambition they had when starting Mecel is still valid for our business, which is to be in the forefront of technology,” Henrik concludes.

At the forefront of automotive technology
Mecel is a systems and software development company with more than 30 years of experience in developing solutions for the automotive industry. We specialize in in-car communication technologies, user interface development and consumer device interaction. Our products and solutions are designed to make driving a comfortable, media-rich experience. Not only do they increase usability and user comfort, for manufacturers they reduce software development time, reduce costs and improve time to market. In a world that only spins faster you get a competitive edge by introducing new technology faster in a dependable and cost-effective way.

As engineering consultants, we are pioneering state-of-the-art technology to produce innovative and efficient solutions.