global tolerance

75 amazing communicators in 25 countries

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2011 17:19 GMT

There are few things worse in modern communications than the colonisation of moral thinking. global tolerance works all over the world, and we understand the importance of listening to and leveraging local knowledge and experience.

We recently launched a pool of conscience-led communicators around the world - freelance professionals to work with our growing core team in the UK and US, to help meet our growing demand.

The response has been sensational. 75 amazing communicators in 25 countries have already joined the gt pool, and the capacity and cultural capital of global tolerance has grown exponentially as a result.

Sarah Hart, based in New York, is the Relationship Manager whose responsibility it is to help ensure that the freelance pool are rigorously briefed on global tolerance’s work, and ready to be activated when opportunities arise.

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We like being us

global tolerance is a leading international communications agency that only works with people committed to positive social change.

When Simon Cohen created global tolerance in November 2003, he knew he needed to build a team who shared his commitment to media ethics, and to sparking coverage of social substance.

Eight years on, the global tolerance team is global by nature as well as by name.

A core team of communicators in London and New York are supported by an international Board of Advisors, a worldwide network of skilled, freelance specialists and a host of partners and fellow travellers.