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Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2013 12:23 BST

Sticky, the only media technology company in the world that measures which ads are seen and not seen, revealed in a recent study that 77% of online display ads are never seen.

Sticky tracked 500 consumers across 25 different websites with 25 different brand ads.  Results showed varied seen levels (9-41%) with an average of 23% seen. Consumers spent an average of 1.7 seconds looking at the ads across all brands and sites.

“Brands have mere seconds to engage their consumers, assuming their ad is seen at all,” said Darren Hamer, Managing Director, UK of Sticky.  “In our study only 51% of the display ads considered “viewable” were seen.  Our results suggest that while “viewability” lets you know if your ad has potential to be seen, Sticky will tell you whether it’s seen or not.”

Sticky’s detailed results can be found here:http://sticky.ad/infographics/6KyylFnxUJpAyg6NIS6RxcUw/77_percent_not_seen/

About Sticky: Sticky is the only media technology company that provides a platform for ensuring that display ads get seen.  Sticky’s disruptive technology provides brand advertisers with objective data to improve their digital performance, and can be used in conjunction with all their partners in the digital ecosystem to increase ROI. www.sticky.ad

1.7 seconds to engage consumers

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