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A Closer Look At Organising Features On The Samsung Galaxy Note

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 12:48 GMT

One of the exciting features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note is the excellent S Pen accessory which enables you to perform some great functions on the phone. The S Pen is a small pen shaped instrument that is designed to give accurate navigation around the handsets display. One area of the device which really benefits from this is the organiser facility. Here we take a look at this feature along with the excellent Android Marketplace that you can use to download applications on the device.

The organiser facility on this phone has been completely redesigned from previous versions so it can take full advantage of the S Pen. The calendar part of this feature has been renamed the S Planner and it now offers seven different views rather than the four we have been given on models such as the Galaxy S2. New additions include a three day agenda as well as a handy tasks feature which previously had to be installed as a stand alone application. Because the S Pen offers more precise navigation than your fingers the interface includes more buttons than would normally be fitted into a phone display to leave you with a comprehensive facility similar to the Outlook program used on many home computers and laptops. Creating a new event is very simple to do and you are given an option to set an alarm as a reminder. One view that we found particularly useful on the phone was the agenda as it displays a wide range of calendar entries from the past to the near future. This gives you a simple overview of your life and makes organising your days a quick and easy task. The S Planner also boasts a built in calculator feature which sports large buttons that make using the facility easy. Samsung have also incorporated a copy and paste option within the calculator which helps you easily work with figures displayed within other areas of the phone.

The powerful chipset that is used in the Samsung Galaxy Notefeatures a 1.4 Ghz processor and an excellent graphics processing unit that are both ideal for running every single phone application available in the Android Marketplace. The phone runs the Gingerbread version of the Android operating system but there will be an update made available to upgrade the device to the new Ice Cream Sandwich version meaning any new apps launched for this platform will be able to be downloaded as well. Not only is the Android Marketplace the fastest growing store of its kind but it is also the one that offers the most free applications. The interface for this store has recently been redesigned and it is now more similar to the famous iTunes store with a weekly selection of featured apps, editors picks and staff favourites all displayed on the main page. If you want to look elsewhere for your downloads users of the Galaxy Note also have access to the new stores that has been created by Amazon and Opera.

The Samsung Galaxy Note offers an organiser facility that is perfect for keeping track of both your personal and business life. The new S Pen is a neat feature which really enables you to make full use of the phones large screen whilst the excellent Android Marketplace offers a comprehensive selection of programs that can benefit your day to day use of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Sensation XL are available now.

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