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A Closer Look At The Very Popular Draw Something App On The Apple iPhone 4S

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2012 18:00 GMT

The Apple iPhone 4S remains as popular as ever despite increasing competition from various Android smartphones. In this article I will look at the latest hit game for the device, called Draw Something.


Draw Something is currently the top paid and free game on the AppStore, with iPhone 4S users accounting for a large percentage of downloads. The game is based on users drawing a picture to describe a word, of which there are three to choose from each round. Each offers a different number of points, represented by coins which are earned upon your opponent successfully guessing what word you are drawing.


The process of playing the game is as follows. Once you have paired with another user (via Facebook or emails details, or select a random opponent), you will be presented with three words, of which you must choose one to draw clues. They will be valued at one, two and three coins, with words containing more characters to reflect their difficulty in drawing and their respective prizes. Once you have selected which word you draw, you will be taken to the drawing screen. This is where you draw clues about the word you have selected, and your partner will guess the word based on your drawings. If their guess is right, you will both earn points (or coins, based on the difficulty of the word) so it is in your interest to view the other player as a partner rather than an opponent. When you have completed your drawing, and the other player has answered, it will be their turn to draw a picture for you to guess. When watching your partner’s drawing, it will be displayed in real-time as they drew it, so you can see the exact strokes they used when drawing.


The purpose of collecting coins is for you to purchase additional tools to help you play the game better. You start off with a basic colour pallet, but you can purchase further colour packages when you have enough coins. You can also buy ‘bombs’ which remove the possible letters from the list when you are trying to guess a word.


Draw Something is an extremely addictive app, thanks to its entertainment value, simple touchscreen operation on phones like the iPhone 4S, and social aspect, allowing you to play against friends or strangers alike. In fact, the app works across iOS and Android platforms, so if you own an iPhone 4S, you can play against an opponent who is using an HTC Sensation XE for example.

Draw Something was released only six weeks ago at the time of writing, and in this short time has exceeded a staggering 30 million downloads. For the price of £0.69 (for the ad free version), you will be entertained for hours, which is well worth the price.


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