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A Comparison Of The Innovative Blackberry Torch And The Impressive HTC Sensation

Press release   •   Jun 18, 2011 15:29 BST

As two of the major players in the smartphone industry, Blackberry and HTC produce some of the most popular and feature packed smartphones available today. The Blackberry Torch and the HTC Sensation are the flagship models for the manufacturers. In this article, I will provide an overview of each handset, so you can decide which is the best. To do this I will look at some of the main features.


Operating System

The Blackberry Torch utilises the BB 6.0 operating system, whereas the HTC Sensation relies on the increasingly popular Android OS, in the latest version, 2.3 (aka Gingerbread). To compare the two directly and say one is better than the other would be unfair, as each is very different, and designed to do different things. The BB 6.0 OS is great for the business user, as it allows users a very efficient means of keeping files and contacts organised, and easy to find thanks to the Smart Search feature. The Android OS on the HTC Sensation however offers a chance for users to customise their handset to a high level. Up to 7 homescreens can be assigned in the HTC Sense UI, meaning that a different homescreen can be assigned for say work, entertainment, travel, nights out etc, by assigning the appropriate apps for these situations. There is obviously much more to each operating system, but I have outlined some of the main advantages of each. As you can see, it is likely that this aspect of each phone is likely to be down to personal preference when deciding which is best.



Each handset, as with just about every other smartphone comes with a built in digital camera. The HTC Sensation comes out on top, on paper at least in this department. Boasting 8 megapixels, and the ability to shoot HD video footage (either 720p or 1080p) along with numerous image enhancing features, it is both easy to use and produces pleasing results. The camera on the Blackberry Torch is by no means bad, at 5 megapixels it takes high quality still images as well as video footage. If the camera is an important factor when choosing a smartphone, the HTC Sensation beats the Blackberry Torch, but should not be a deciding factor if you rarely use the camera on your phone.



This is another area where the Sensation beats the Blackberry Torch. Due to the applications on offer, and to run the powerful software, the HTC Sensation has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, a feature only a small number of handsets can currently claim. This makes it great for multitasking (running 2 or more apps simultaneously), browsing the web with faster loading speeds, and providing quick response times from the touchscreen. The Blackberry Torch still has a good processor to handle demanding applications, and carry out a number of tasks efficiently. Until the arrival of dual-core processors, 1GHz seemed to be the industry standard for smartphones for some time, and still provides the power to get the job done.


On paper, the HTC Sensation is the better phone, but let’s not forget it was only recently released and offers more up to date hardware as well as software. The Blackberry Torch is still a great phone, but not quite up to the standard of the Sensation.


Choosing between the two is largely down to personal preference for the features on offer, or maybe you prefer one brand over the other. Both phones should be on the shortlist of anyone looking or a new smartphone, and both are available on some great deals on UK networks.

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