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A day without a Consequence ? A film with just one woman ? British independent film defying all odds !

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 03:01 BST

Well who's hair brained idea was this?  In a nutshell, an East-Ender from Canning Town, known by the name of Si Wall. Who is he?  Well, if you are in the film industry, word may have gotten around that he is a Filmmaker and also the co-founder of MASIVE Motion Pictures, alongside established actor, Marco Radice. This British Independent Production Company is set to roll out the red carpet for its third feature film to date at the historical Genesis Cinema in London on Thursday September 13th 2012! Like many film production houses in the UK, they are up against tight budgets, limited resources and a whole host of challenges but that is the last thing to stop them and this premiere will be a big reflection of that.

Si Wall, Independent Award Winning Director and Writer, is, in no uncertain terms, a warrior of the film world.  There is no mistaking that he rises to a challenge, like he is jousting in a tournament with the absolute conviction he will win. In fact, Si Wall's instinctual drive to over come all obstacles, has got him where he is today.  

Si Wall, has made, to date three full feature films.  He begun his way in the industry through his love of wildlife cinematography, learning his craft in Africa. After creating two documentaries in rural Eastern-Europe , he knew he had more to give to the industry, as a Director. So, after some more studying, he packed his bags and decided that there was no better way to test his new skills than to head to Marbella Film Festival for the 24 hour film challenge!

Yes, you’ve have guessed it, he won! A close call when on the evening of the awards ceremony, Si Wall was just about to say his goodbyes, say thanks for the wonderful opportunity and head back to the bar of his hotel, but he could not get away that easily. One of the organisers of the film ushered Si and his entourage to a table, promptly supplied bottles of wine and in a whirlwind of time, Si Wall found himself standing next to William Shatner, the Lead Judge of the competition. Si could not believe what was happening, he was being presented with a trophy for winning the 24 hour film challenge! Shocked and smiling outwardly to his proud cast and crew, it then dawned on him, he has to carry on making drama.

Si did as he set out to do and completed two feature films by mid 2011.  He created his own unique challenges with these films, including one being filmed in one day and both of them having improvisation structure for dialogue. A disaster waiting to happen? On the contrary.  The two films walked away with nominations and awards from the Action on Film (AOF) Festival in LA as well as mutiple awards given by radio stations for the music used in both films.   A wonderful start to his career as a Director. So, what next?

Si Wall is pulling something out of the bag which is really set to take him and MASIVE Motion Pictures to a higher level.  Back in early 2012, he put the wheels in motion to bring to life a character he created just shy of a year prior.  The character is a woman, so unique, so complex, he could not wait to get the cameras’ rolling for her. He named her 'Jodie Webster'. The synopsis of this film is simple;  A woman has one day in her life to live without any consequence for her actions. Be prepared to be shocked, enthralled and perhaps even appalled to some degree. One thing I do know is that you won't walk out of the cinema ever forgetting this film, that's for sure. Deep down, deep in the recesses of 'Jodie's' mind is a corridor of unopened doors. You, the audience get to see what happens when 'Miss Webster' kicks them open, as she has a day with NO CONSEQUENCE !!!!!

You can see this film by attending the premiere (see below for details)

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