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A Heart Warming Story - How Ariba is Building Futures in Zambia

Press release   •   Mar 01, 2012 11:23 GMT

 Ariba would like to share the story of these three children pictured above. Their picture (far left) was taken by one of our volunteers whilst on a trip in the countryside in Uganda in 2009. Ariba used a photograph of these children to launch its Shoe Box Appeal. The appeal was such a success that Ariba felt it was their duty to locate these children again and ensure they too received the gifts they deserved. The children were found - it was apparent their family lived in extreme poor conditions due to their father's recent death.  Ariba not only provided them with their own gifts from the shoe-boxes, but also new clothes, shoes and most importantly arranged sponsorship to ensure all 3 children would be able to attend school and receive an education. The mother and children were very grateful for the opportunity Ariba had given them.

Many communities in Zambia and Uganda are affected by extreme poverty and hunger. Many people suffer from the aids virus leaving young orphaned children to fend for themselves on the streets. As the charity is run by a very small dedicated group of volunteers, no salaries are paid which enables Ariba to invest every penny donated towards supporting these communities.

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