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A. Innova – Make Sure You Celebrate even the Little Wins

Press release   •   Mar 28, 2018 12:00 BST

As competition in the industry peaks, it is vital for professionals to celebrate wins big and small. Last week, A. Innova hosted a workshop on why even small wins should be recognised.

A. Innova: About the firm.

As the firm’s expansion goals are gathering momentum, they are keen to shed light on the positive impact acknowledging milestones can contribute to company culture. It is common for contractors to endure self-doubt. However, those who are incapable of overcoming the adverse challenges of business can feel exhausted, which can severely impact an individual’s ability to climb the professional ladder.

Entrepreneurs who tackle the challenges presented will develop skills that will accelerate their careers.

Life will often throw a curve ball, offering obstacles which at times may seem too complicated to overcome. Those who can look at situations objectively will usually yield better results.Confidence is key to being speedy at sourcing a solution, understanding the importance of a positive attitude is at the core of A. Innova's company values. Finding success in unfavourable conditions will offer a crucial learning experience, and will develop personal significance within an organisation and boosting career possibilities.

A. Innova report on the benefits of celebrating small wins:

1. It makes you feel happy – Celebrating mini-milestones will boost confidence and boost productivity meaning speed and accuracy of future projects will increase.

2. It gives you the motivation to keep going – Avoid dwelling on failings instead focus on the strength gained by the speed of bounce back, each learning opportunity embraced will improve ability in the next scenario.

3. It builds your confidence – Avoid internalising disappointment, success will come from resilience and desire to win. Choose personal circles carefully matching values and ambitions to maintain a positive aura. Studies have found that entrepreneurs who celebrate winning big or small will see their journey to success accelerated. A great example to draw upon is the similarities between entrepreneurs and sports people when confidence is displayed each game, tackle or shot seems effortless to others. The power of self-trust is essential to gather momentum and experience sustainable success.

As a firm who understands the benefits of celebrating milestones, A. Innova is set to continue their reward culture. By incentivising development through recognition and tailored packages, they can maximise each individuals potential.



Mesh Holait: Managing Director

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