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A New SEO Competition Is Launched

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2011 23:43 GMT

Online diamond jewellery company Shiree Odiz is hosting an international search engine optimisation (SEO) contest offering the chance to win $15,000 plus a percentage of all profits in the next year by simply posting the keywords makeityourring diamond engagement rings onto a blog, or website.

Shiree Odiz will be giving away the massive jackpot to the site which is placed first in for the term “makeityourring diamond engagement rings” on January 1st 2012.

With search engines accounting for over 80% of all internet traffic to a website and results now appearing on multi-platforms (Google, Facebook, Bing etc.) SEO specialists, whose primary aim is to enhance a company’s online portfolio, are vital in tackling the fast-growing and often confusing internet landscape. Which is why with a couple taps on your keyboard somebody will be on their way to becoming the World’s Next SEO King or Queen.

“We are thrilled to be taking part in the competition” commented Paul Smith, Gifts Guide UK. “It’s a chance for us to test out our SOE techniques against some of the best in the business and see how far we have come in the short time that our website has been live.”

“Whilst we aren’t expecting to win the competition by any means if at the end of the year we are sat on the first page of for the specified term then we will take that as an achievement in itself. The big prize money will encourage a lot of people to take part, some with many years SEO experience.”

The complete rules and regulations can be found here: