A new standard for intellectual property rights on the Internet

Press Release   •   Sep 29, 2014 15:40 BST

Tracemyfile Ltd develops new functions and a new standard (e-Right) for intellectual propertyrights on the Internet. 

E- Right is about to be fully launched during 2014 at based on Linux, Python, Django, Mysql, SSL etc. 

- The new standard (e-Right) for encryption and ID/watermarking of photos, PDF:s and files enables users totrace their photos, music files, books, corporate documents and more to see exactly where they end up online, says Gunnar Nilsson, CEO of Tracemyfile.

Tracemyfile boasts a high tech and consumer friendly 2014-launch of futuristic features like: 

- Find files on Internet and see who is sharing your content

- Block and remove content where it shouldn’t be published

- Let users contact you via your online content

- Receive micro payments for music, books, articles, photos, videos

- This is the first time in the history of the Internet that private individuals are able to control and follow how their content is shared and spread over the Internet. Tracemyfile also for the first time enables individuals to block or erase their own watermarked files. For artists it is a way to receive micro payments for content they publish on Internet and to communicate directly with their fan base at an individual level.

Tracemyfile is reaching out to Internet-users, with a service that makes it possible to control their own content; share it with millions or block it from millions of people. 

- We are now offering external investors via to an opportunity to invest  up to 150 000 GBP into the business. New investors will get 30% (300 000 shares, 0.50 GBP each) of the company Tracemyfile Ltd. in order to boost interest in our product and get people involved. The potential for the product is arguably of interest to millions of people,

With e-Right and Tracemyfile private individuals, artists, as well as corporations and government agencies can see where their information ends up on the Internet and communicate with end users. 

Arguments for the services are:

    We all have a wish to control how our content is spread on the Internet.

    We want the possibility to erase content that was not intended for sharing.

    Owners of digital content and artists want the possibility to communicate with their fan base and encourage micro payments.

Tracemyfile is enabling the functions and legal structures for each user to be in control of the content. through  many inovative features such as content tracingid- and watermarking, and price tagginge-Right will become àmust have for every Internet user. The ned is basic and simple. You own the content. Therefore you want to trace and control where the content is and how it is used on the Internet. Fair trade should be just that "fair"and ownership respected. Tracemyfile is administrator to make e-Right the online content standard for everyone.Tracemyfile's ambition is to be the driving force behind the new intellectual property standardcalled e-Rightfor content ownership and digital intellectual property.