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A new tactic for SEO Kent

Press Release   •   Nov 24, 2010 11:23 GMT

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), 24 November 2010 – online marketing Kent outfit JB Creative Marketing has come up with a rather effective new way of managing its SEO Kent goals. Rather than attacking the Internet as a whole, the creative marketing Kent outfit has decided to parcel it out into somewhat smaller areas – with some startling results. Small Kent businesses using the service of JBCM have started finding their sites running right to the top of the search results produced by all four major search engines: provided the searches conducted were for extremely specific sets of words or phrases.

The secret, says Justin Bridges, managing director of JB Creative Marketing, is in thinking precisely. “If everyone is searching for onions,” he says, “you’ll never get your site anywhere when you try to optimise its performance for “onions”. But green onions? There you’ve got a more precise market, which gives you a better chance of getting the top spot. We try “green onions Kent” and all of a sudden we’ve got a high hitting keyword on our hands.” The online marketing Kent company sets a lot of store in its localised web marketing strategies, which are the epitome of creative marketing tactics. It is, after all, pointless trying to fight every other onion selling site on the net. Creating niches is what has always sold – the creative leap lies in realising that this is as true, if not truer, of the Internet than it is of the “real world”.

SEO Marketing Kent services providing by JB Creative Marketing include a strong back linking programme, whereby extremely high profile (or “prestigious”, as JB calls them, referring to links that come from extremely popular and lucrative sites) connections are fostered on behalf of the product or service the company’s client sells. JB also promotes affiliate marketing, whereby companies and sites in the Kent area foster links to each other, if they sell or promote complementary items. So, for example, a company in Kent selling plant seeds, if it signs up for JB’s online marketing Kent solutions, will be encouraged to host links to another Kentish company selling trowels – and vice versa.

The idea, again, is to keep business in the “local” area of the Internet, by tempting customers that have found one site to continue their shopping trip for associated items “within the family” Search engines like this kind of thing because one site starts to get “votes” from other sites that sell similar sorts of things – which, in the eyes of the engine, means it is very relevant to queries regarding those items.

JB’s creative marketing solutions certainly seem to be having an impact. Client sites are already receiving a significantly higher volume of useful traffic (in SEO Kent terminology, “useful” traffic is people that come through a site because it sells things they are actually looking for) than before. Clearly, the idea of keeping things local works online as well as in the “real” world. This online marketing Kent company is proof enough of that.

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