A new Type of App, No Login, Anonymous chat and virtual Land grab enabling Classified Ads

Press Release   •   May 28, 2014 10:45 BST

This video ( gives a good explanation of the Tiles app and the ideas that formed its genesis.Tiles allows users to create some content and place it on the map near their location. At the simplest these are known as Tilies - like selfies but these are photo Tiles placed on the map. To make one users just make a long click on the map near their location, take a photo, add some text and publish. Straight away their Tilie is on the map for others to find. Early users will be in an enviable position of having practically a blank canvas to play with - as the audience grows there will naturally be competition to be first to create Tilies in the world’s most popular places.Tiles can also be used as classified ads or as advertisements for businesses. Users create a Tile, add some pictures, write up their latest offers and place on the map.  Classified ad Tiles can be placed on the map somewhere in the locality with details of the item or service to be sold or searched for.  In some cases there may already be some spots on the map where there are existing businesses – users can click on the spot, claim it and edit its description, change color and add an icon to customise it.  The clever way of making the chat anonymous is that conversations are associated with tiles, so people converse via a tile at a specific location – “talk to me using the green tile at Oxford Circus”. The encrypted chat messages are only stored briefly on European servers and are anonymous (no message data goes via Google or Apple servers – just the notification that there is a message there).  Messages are deleted once delivered and there are no record of who has been chatting to whom. The messaging can be for social purposes or for enquiries about advertisements.  If users Follow a Tile or Tile Owner chat messages are used to keep them informed of any updates.In the app a notional currency of TileDollars is used - creating Tilie's and claiming spots earn users T$, creating Tiles for ads will cost users 1 T$. In future there will be more features that earn and cost T$.Classified ads represent a massive opportunity to be exploited. The founder of Billion Dollar Tiles said: “eBay for example started out as a person to person marketplace, but has now moved to have a majority of professional selling.  I believe eBay is not fully focussing on the issues of person to person marketplaces, and others such as Craigslist, and in Europe Gumtree, have added Mobile support as an add-on or afterthought and have not adequately addressed the features such as location which Mobile provides”This is the space where Tiles sees its future.  The app works on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 5.1 and later and on Android versions from 4.2 onwards; worldwide that is more than one billion devices.  Our initial target audience are young people, but all demographics are expected to be attracted to it as it grows.  The app is mobile first and mobile only.  Anonymity is a major feature - no login, and all in-app messages are encrypted and are not stored or tracked. 

BillionDollarTiles is a brand new startup but the three co-founders of Billion Dollar Tiles have worked together for the past 8 years on successful startup ventures. These included the Accel Partners funded RefreshMobile Ltd, which created mobile apps and web services for consumers and B2B businesses - including Three, Vodafone and Nokia.  Later they worked together at Promoht Ltd; a B2B startup creating an intelligent mobile web portal for Vodafone in 12 of their country properties in Europe.  This company, which had a €2M turnover last year, was massively scalable supporting millions of hits per day with a measured availability reaching 99.5% over a two year period. For the past few months they’ve been working full-time on their latest, self-funded, project - Billion Dollar Tiles.