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A Review Of Instagram On The iPhone 4S

Press Release   •   Jun 10, 2012 21:52 BST

Instagram, online application for mobile phone like iPhone 4S is available for free. It is developed as a photography application that allow you to give a new look to your all photo collection. It is easily downloadable in iPhone4S. Approximately 15 million users have downloaded it and hence have enjoyed its features too. The feature offered by instagram is loveable, as it is easy to access as well as easy to use. The application is effective to use in iPhone 4S and you will come to know about it’s effectively, as you go through the article.


Are you going to learn about the Instagram? 

The application known as Instagram is available for free. Once can download it from AppStore that is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad. The camera interface is used by it. The camera built in the mobile phone is actually used as a primary camera by Instagram. The 8 mega pixel camera in iPhone 4S is known among the people but only for its picture quality.

Camera Quality:

ü Its camera produces quality oriented results of pictures.

ü Instagram application is used to capture a photo and then you can add effects on that photo from the list.

This helps you to change the picture in any form you wish to. Apart, after editing the picture, you can share it or upload it on the social networking forums like, Facebook or twitter.

Do you know how to use Instagram? 

Instagram, the photography application is simple in use. The only thing that you are required to do after the application is downloaded from the AppStore is to sign up for an account creation. In order to create an account, you have to mention your name, select the username and password along with the mentioning of the email address, where the confirmation email will be sent. However, after the validation process is complete, you are able to capture picture as many you want and give different effects on every picture. The application is user friendly, so it is easy for you to find out exactly for what you are looking. If you want to capture the first clip of the picture, clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the interface with definitely work for you, as the iPhone 4S camera is simple to use.

Different Icons:

Different icons are presented at the bottom of the application, from where you can perform various functions. The icons represent the effects which you can apply to the photo. You can choose from 20 effects in total, as majority of the effects are used as a feature of adding light and shadow to the picture. Each and every effect is different and its use sound simple but it gives a different look. If you are satisfied with the effects you can save it in the library folder of you phone and can use it later for any other purpose of either sharing or uploading.


Instagram is an essential application for a person. If you are creative enough then instagram is of much fun for you. It provides you with the feature of enhancing the photos. Instagram is used by some of the people in order to make their photos look different from that of the normal photos. This is mostly among the facebook friends of yours. However, the application is available for free and its recommended one should download and enjoy wonderful features offered by it, as majority of the users speak negatively about it.

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