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A Review Of The Music Features Of The Stylish HTC Sensation XL

Press release   •   Mar 25, 2012 17:36 BST

The HTC Sensation XL is arguably the most stylish smartphone in the company’s current line up. Its spec list is equally as appealing, especially to those who like to play music on their phone. In this article I will look at the music features of the device.


Beats Audio

Arguably the most appealing music feature of the device is the integrated Beats Audio. This technology offers superior sound quality, and the brand has grown massively since its release, thanks largely to endorsements and branding from hip hop mogul Dr Dre. Originally a manufacturer of the popular Beats headsets, HTC recently acquired a majority stake in the company for some $300 million, which explains why Beats Audio is now included in most new HTC smartphones. The technology itself allows the HTC Sensation XL to provide enhanced sound quality which is superior to most other commercially available counterparts. As an added bonus, the handset comes with a Beats headset included.



Obviously, in order to store music tracks on your phone, a decent amount of internal storage is essential as most people’s digital music collections contain hundreds or even thousands of tracks. Unusually for an HTC Android smartphone, the HTC Sensation XL does not come with a microSD card slot. However, this is somewhat offset by a generous 16 GB of internal storage, which can comfortably accommodate a couple of thousands average length music tracks, with room for other files like photos, videos and apps.


Music Widgets

The HTC Sensation XL has the Android Gingerbread OS with the HTC Sense UI running over the top. This provides the default music player widget, which is easy to use and has everything you need to browse your music tracks along with in play controls. There are a number of other options available for download from the HTC Hub; along with apps from the Android Market should you want an alternative music player to suit your tastes.


There are also numerous other music apps available from Android Market which allow users to make the most of the HTC Sensation XL as a music device. Streaming services like Spotify allow users to play music tracks without having them stored on the phone, and apps like SoundHound let users identify tracks simply by holding the phone near a speaker.


The music features of the HTC Sensation XL like Beats Audio make it one of the most appealing smartphones for music lovers. In fact, it has all the features necessary to replace a standalone MP3 player like an iPod. The HTC Sensation XL is available now from a number of UK networks, several of which are currently offering the handset for free on selected tariffs.


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