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A Review Of The New Samsung Galaxy S2

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2011 20:34 GMT

The new Galaxy S2 from Samsung could prove one of the most significant device launches of the coming year. Following on from the best selling Galaxy, the manufacturers have raised the bar with this new model, fitting in an improved screen and a lightning fast new dual core processor.

This new model sports a glorious new screen, which is great not only because of the specification it boasts but also its added size. At 4.3 inches the screen rivals the largest available on a mobile handset, yet never does this new model feel bulky or over sized. The technology used is Super AMOLED+, a step up from Super AMOLED that bring improved colour reproduction as well as better management of power, meaning the extra size need not place additional strain on the battery. Certainly in terms of quality, the display looks as good as the hallowed Retina system that is found on the iPhone 4. Samsung have added there own user interface on top of the Android operating system that the phone uses. This adds a few improvements to general operation such as the ability to add contacts direct to the homescreen as well as some exclusive widgets. Samsung have also added there own "Hubs" to the menu system. These are basically collections of applications and games, for example the Social Networking hubs is the place to find the likes of Twitter and Facebook, as well as allowing an aggregated list of updates. Android is present in its latest form, 2.3 Gingerbread, which will please hardened phone followers, yet not make a huge deal of difference to the general user.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 shows off some superb multi media features that set the standard for other handsets to follow in the future. The obligatory camera captures snaps at a resolution of 8 mega pixels, around 3 million pixels higher than the industry standard five million. Perhaps more impressive is the video capture facility which goes beyond the HD filming offered on other phones, and gives us Full HD, which is a resolution of 1080P rather than 720P. Storage need not be a problem as the S2 not only has 16GB of internal space but also offers a micro SD card slot, enabling you to extend this by up to 32GB. The phone also offers users DNLA compatibility, meaning your photographs and videos can be wirelessly streamed to other devices such as televisions and computers. The Samsung Galaxy S2 really is a top quality smartphone that offer the style and functionality that you have come to expect, with other new features that really make this the phone to beat in 2011.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Nokia X5 are coming soon.

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