Absorbing your turmeric

Press release   •   Nov 15, 2016 12:25 GMT

Turmeric is an amazing spice with a huge range of health benefits. Research has shown that it's anti-inflammatory properties could have the power to heal a wide range of illness from cancer to depression. However turmeric is fat soluble and therefore when combined with a little oil the compounds are better absorbed by the body. Add black pepper which contains a substance called piperine and this boosts the body's ability to absorb even more - considerably upping the health benefits.

With this in mind www.tea4life.co.uk a small on-line tea retailer have launched a new tea "Turmeric Sencha". A wonderful warming combination of Japanese Sencha, organic coconut chips, organic turmeric and a little grinding of organic black peppercorns. The marriage of Sencha and turmeric with coconut result in a new superpower in the world of tea.

please email sam@tea4life for further information or to receive a free sample.

Tea4life is a small on-line retailer specialising in hand blended green tea. Founded by Sam Corti, a cancer survivor, all the teas offer maximum health benefits and are available at www.tea4life.co.uk.