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Accelerometer Features Great On The HTC Sensation XE

Press Release   •   Nov 27, 2011 19:59 GMT

The new HTC Sensation XE is a mobile handset that is packed full of new and exciting features from Beats Audio technology to a high quality web browser. Here we want to take a look at some of the more basic elements of this model such as its great phonebook and call functions.

Perhaps the most vital component of any mobile handset should be its phonebook as it is integral to conducting calls, storing information and sending a variety of different messages. The Sensation XE offers a very good quality phonebook that can store a huge amount of information thanks to its social network integration. HTC refer to their phone book as the People application and this feature offers a variety of tabs that give the user access to lots of data. Theses tabs enable you to view all of your contacts, groups and a call log that holds information on incoming and outgoing calls. The People application synchronises with social networking accounts so data is imported from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. When you click on a friends name the first screen you are presented with holds basic details such as name, number, photograph and an e mail address. With many brands this would be the limit to the phonebooks capabilities but HTC enable you to access further tabs from here which store a lot more information. The second tab displays a feed of SMS text messaging between yourself and the chosen person whilst a third tab does the same for e mails. The social networking integration also does a lot more than transfer basic information and allows photo albums and status updates to be displayed within this very comprehensive application. What HTC have done with their version of the phonebook is transform it from a very basic tool to a feature that will play a huge part in your everyday use of the phone.

When receiving a call on the HTC Sensation XEthe manufacturers have developed some neat tricks that take full advantage of the models accelerometer chip. If the phone is sitting on a desk or table when you receive a call then simply turning the device over will mute the call. If you are already speaking on the phone and you place the handset down on a surface the model detects this and automatically engages the loudspeaker. You also have the option to have the device reduce the volume of the ringer the minute you lift the phone. This is perhaps the best use we have seen of the accelerometer sensor and it really does make using this model a real pleasure. This sensor is not the only one that is utilised and the proximity sensor now detects if the phone is placed inside a bag or a pocket and will gradually increase the volume of the ringer in order to make it more audible.

Not only does the HTC Sensation XE offer a wealth of advanced feature but it also performs more basic functions with stunning simplicity. This phone should find itself competing with the very best smartphones available over the coming months.

The HTC Sensation XE and the HTC Desire S are available now

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