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Addlux introduces new LED Light Sheet

Press release   •   Apr 02, 2019 14:04 BST

The Brightest

We develop and manufacture our own LED strip. Recently we introduced new ultra-bright LEDs, which married with our improved light diffusing technology improve the brightness of our light sheet by up to 60% compared to conventional LED light sheet. As fewer ultra-bright LEDs are required to achieve brightness levels necessary for most applications and enable cost-savings.

Even Light Distribution

Addlux LED Light Sheet are renowned for optimum evenness of illumination across the entire surface regardless of its size and shape. Our world-class technological expertise in the design and manufacturing processes used to create a light-diffusing pattern on the light guide, the critical part of the Light Sheet, is essential to achieve this. The pattern is created on the surface of an appropriately sized, highest quality acrylic sheet by engraving 3D grooves or laser machining 3D dots. Each pattern is individual to every Light Sheet and depends on its size, thickness, the arrangement of the LED strips and the order specification. Every step of the process is computer controlled, ensuring the highest quality end result.

The Largest

Addlux now produces Light Sheet in sizes up to 4.8m x 2.7m, the largest on the market. We can supply any size of rectangular light sheet or shape encompassed by these dimensions to any customer specified brightness, colour temperature, etc. In addition, several light sheet panels can be joined to illuminate larger surfaces.

The Thinnest & First Flexible LED Light Sheet

We have combine all our technological abilities to create a light sheet 3mm thick, the thinnest LED light sheet available in the world, which can also be bent by hand.

The Future

We will remain active in the pursuit of technology leadership into the future. With our advanced LED technology coupled with our expert technical advice Addlux offers customers unparalleled solutions that will meet any design challenge and fit any budget.

Addlux develops and manufactures high-tech LED lighting technologies that evenly illuminate any translucent surface.