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After shock college exposé, CMA Global asks what can be done for young people

Press Release   •   Jan 03, 2018 16:38 GMT

CMA Global was shocked to learn of new research stating that the current US college system is unsustainable. The firm is now asking whether there are enough alternatives out there to help young people thrive.

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New research by, consulting firm, Kaufman Hall, has exposed that 47% of financial planning staff at U.S. colleges believe the current system is unsustainable. The study has revealed that 64% of respondents believe higher education in America is falling behind most other industries regarding modern financial planning practices.  66% have said that colleges are not prepared to respond quickly to change, because of the existing processes in place.

As a result, many young people are questioning if college is worth the investment, especially as the tuition fees have been steadily rising. This stall in applications is a big problem for colleges since they rely upon tuition fees to operate.

Jacksonville’s most excellent sales, retail and event marketing company, CMA Global, has reflected on the study and believes there should be enough alternatives to help young people thrive and fulfil their life’s potential. The firm is passionate about offering young people an alternative route to success and believes they can provide the millennial population, not choosing to go to college, a better opportunity. The firm offers motivated and ambitious individuals support, advice, mentors, giving people the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge of business and marketing. This guidance is in addition to a dynamic and supportive working culture with regular travel opportunities.

CMA Global is eager to see more educational opportunities outside of the college environment in the U.S. As a show of their support for improving the number of opportunities for young people, CMA Global provides a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities to individuals who are seeking ways to enhance their business knowledge and develop healthy working habits. Any individuals looking to be successful, without the traditional college degree, should get in touch with CMA Global today.



Marques Aiken