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Press release   •   Mar 31, 2012 14:21 BST

Over the last couple of decades we have all become more aware of the importance of recycling. Separating out disposed items which contain material that can be re-used has become a part of our daily lives. Although happy to do their part in the fight to save the environment, Hampshire residents want an efficient and orderly collection of the recycled goods they've gathered, and they expect their recycling to be delivered safely to the Waste Transfer Station Gosport. AJ Recycling Solutions offers professional services in the waste management. AJ Recycling Solutions stores a variety of products for recycling or resale, and our firm also provides Skip Hire Gosport services as well as house clearance in Gosport and the surrounding areas.

Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials. Simply put, no modern society can get on without some form of waste management. Given the sheer number of individuals that congregate in cities, having a system in which trash is regularly collected, transferred, and stored is essential. Correct waste management is crucial to the way we manage the things we dispose of; we need it in order to protect the environment and safeguard human health.

The logic of managing waste equally applies to recycled products. Managing waste Recycling involves separating and collecting materials for processing into new products. Many of the plastic, glass, and paper products we use can be reused—or at least their material can be reused—for other purposes. Recycling is important because it helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that we release into our atmosphere and aids in the fight to rebalance the ecology of our planet.

AJ Recycling Solutions recognizes the importance of properly handling waste. The aim of our facility at the Waste Transfer Station Gosport is to provide domestic, business, charitable and community sectors a means by which they can dispose of their waste so that it can be correctly recycled or reused. AJ Recycling Solutions offers help to those who want to keep their community clean and protect the environment. Such persons can now act by using our convenient location.

At AJ Recycling Solutions we realize that the city council's efforts to do waste management do not always meet the needs of Hampshire residents. People have busy lives, and the schedules of some are not always congenial to the routines the council has established for waste collection. Our Waste Transfer Station Gosport provides persons an opportunity to do their part in recycling and disposing of waste properly. We also understand that businesses and charitable organizations may have special needs when it comes to waste management. We collect and process all sorts of commercial waste throughout Gosport, Fareham and Hampshire. We can also receive builders waste delivered directly to our transfer station. We encourage you to deposit your waste with us no matter its size, for we can accept builder waste of all dimensions. Persons can also take advantage of our Skip Hire Gosport services. We guarantee a smoothly run skip hire operation at competitive rates.

AJ Recycling Solutions can help with Skip Hire Gosport and other services. Find out more about our Waste Transfer Station Gosport at http://www.wastegosport.co.uk